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Friday, September 30, 2005

Here's me trying to be artsy again.

I think this picture pretty much sums up my parents' marriage.

Salvador's about to destroy Cleveland! We can't let him reproduce!

Vote Greg Reaves for America in 2008.

A bit sloppy, but I still like it.

Mmmm. Sacrelicious!

Now I'm starting to get pretentious and pretend that I'm an artist.

I made this the day before Brownie "resigned."

My first experiment irritated my father so much I had to make an entire gay wedding photo album. If anyone is interested, I'd be happy to post the rest.

One of my earliest Photoshop experiments. That's Tom Cruise in the background, if you're wondering.

Tuesday, September 13, 2005


Kevin E. Cleary
1:30AM EST
Friday, September 9, 2005

The politics of dance
Motion a Gaussian blur
Strobe lightning
Flashbulb moments
Only awkward from the sidelines.

Intoxication fuels a grinding rhythm
as inhibitions, cleavage, and clothing
disappear and reappear
to the artificial beat
of a synthetic drummer.

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Katrina's Wrath

by Kevin E. Cleary
3:45AM EST
Saturday, September 3, 2005 C.E
A Series of Haikus

Nature can be a
real bitch sometimes, but so can
raw humanity.

The media was
there before the government
The cops ran away.

Untold hundreds dead
Incompetent corruption
perpetuates hell.

Poverty crushing
more lives than the hurricane
Geraldo crying.

Lethal racism
"Looters" versus "survivors"
"Haves" versus "have-nots"

Stolen guns fueling
angry rooftop riots, it's
almost war down there.

can't help these people
but Bush can't either.

Friday, September 02, 2005

Moot Court

by Kevin E. Cleary
10:30 P.M. EST
July 26, 2002 C.E.

I've got the declared-an-enemy-of-the-state-blues
talked about killing the President when I had too much booze
Better call Johnny Cochrane in a hurry
the President's gonna take away my right to trial by jury.

My wives all left me last week, said I was a real jerk.
My women just didn't understand the cost of 50 new burkhas.
And now the warden stays forty paces back.
They said I left at the White House an unattended sack.

He would have had it coming, though I did nothing
Until 9/11 my 7-11 was bustling
Raided by the Feds because I speak Arabic
They burned my Koran just for kicks

The Neighborhood Watch reported me for backed rent
Last month my daughter asked me what "sand nigger" meant
I have never called for the death of Zion
Passed every polygraph, they said I was lying.

Today they took the laces out of my shoes
I've got the declared-an-enemy-of-the-state blues.

Rhymes with

by Kevin E. Cleary
January 2001

Spherical fruit
unlike people
its color is what it is.
It sits there
its peel an impenetrable fortress
because I have bitten off my fingernails.


by Kevin E. Cleary
12:55AM EST
December 20, 2001

I see all the warps in the mirror
My reflection has yet to come in clearer
Distort mentally the things that I said
Distort my image of what's in my head
Convert me from my philosophy
deny embedded mythology
Gotta get me better reflective glass
to see a nicer Antipodes
The Heaven to my Hell
inside this mental prison cell
of my ambitions,
my spiritual malnutrition,
and my low self-esteem.
Help me to redeem
myself, to see beyond
the surface and wave back
at my doppleganger.
He's smiling at my misfortune
and I'm covetously frowning at his good tidings.
So I give him the finger
and walk away from the mirror.

Pepe le Peu

by Kevin E. Cleary
11:00P.M. EST
Friday, November 23, 2001 C.E.

Dedicated to Chuck Jones, Super Genius

I suck at flirting
Can't summon the words
The silence leaves me hurting
and feeling rather absurd.

Would that I could speak
to her from my heart.
Tragic, it won't occur
as I endure a brain fart.

What could I say
that wouldn't waste her time?
Something funny like how about those little
yellow daisies who fight crime?

No, that's too weird, she'll see
through my ruse.
What can I say that won't
make her snooze?

I just don't want to be
Pepe Le Peu, pursuing while
she's squirming away.

Her interest isn't real;
her white stripe the result
of some strange ordeal
And my stench is too much to bear,
should have been able to tell
by her upraised hair.
But I was too infatuated with her
Tragic, to me it didn't occur
that she's a cat and I'm a skunk.