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Friday, September 02, 2005


by Kevin E. Cleary
12:55AM EST
December 20, 2001

I see all the warps in the mirror
My reflection has yet to come in clearer
Distort mentally the things that I said
Distort my image of what's in my head
Convert me from my philosophy
deny embedded mythology
Gotta get me better reflective glass
to see a nicer Antipodes
The Heaven to my Hell
inside this mental prison cell
of my ambitions,
my spiritual malnutrition,
and my low self-esteem.
Help me to redeem
myself, to see beyond
the surface and wave back
at my doppleganger.
He's smiling at my misfortune
and I'm covetously frowning at his good tidings.
So I give him the finger
and walk away from the mirror.


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