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Thursday, June 09, 2005


by Kevin E. Cleary
May 20, 2005 C.E.
7:50 PM EST
To my future wife:

Your eyes are candlelight
dinners on a breezy summer evening
fanning flames within my soul
that flicker, dance, and peak
even faster than my heartbeat
as you approach.

You’d think it would slow
like a fading metronome
with the passage of time
or that my love would hit
an apex sooner or later

But I find more and more
that Olympus Mons is no match
for the heights to which
I would climb
for one more glimpse of you.

No metaphor is too grand,
no superlative can ever suffice
to describe my joy

In fact, I’d even eat Soy-
Everything for the rest of my life
if I had to, just to be able
to stand with you
as man and wife
on a breezy summer evening
lost in your eyes.


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