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Friday, September 02, 2005

Pepe le Peu

by Kevin E. Cleary
11:00P.M. EST
Friday, November 23, 2001 C.E.

Dedicated to Chuck Jones, Super Genius

I suck at flirting
Can't summon the words
The silence leaves me hurting
and feeling rather absurd.

Would that I could speak
to her from my heart.
Tragic, it won't occur
as I endure a brain fart.

What could I say
that wouldn't waste her time?
Something funny like how about those little
yellow daisies who fight crime?

No, that's too weird, she'll see
through my ruse.
What can I say that won't
make her snooze?

I just don't want to be
Pepe Le Peu, pursuing while
she's squirming away.

Her interest isn't real;
her white stripe the result
of some strange ordeal
And my stench is too much to bear,
should have been able to tell
by her upraised hair.
But I was too infatuated with her
Tragic, to me it didn't occur
that she's a cat and I'm a skunk.


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